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Have you been considering an asphalt shingle roof replacement for your home or business in Chesterfield, or St. Louis County? Maybe you’ve had several roofing companies out and your getting conflicting information. Without the correct analysis how can you make an informed decision?

One contractor may suggest roof repairs, while another insists that a complete roof replacement is the best option. The repair option may be tempting, but is good money spent on an aged roof a wise investment?

Your home’s or business’ roof shingles have lasted for years. That’s one of the benefits of choosing this type of roof system.

However, over time a complete shingle roof replacement will need to be considered. But when is the right time for a new roof?

A three tab shingle roof, with good ventilation, might still be very functional after twenty years. But, the useful service life of a poorly built roof s usually a lot less.

What the best course of action to take? Hopefully this informational article will assist you in making a good choice. We will discuss albeit briefly, roofing repairs, roof replacements as well as contractor sourcing.

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There are a few different ways to tell that your roof is in need of repairs or a replacement. An important step would include an outside visual of your roof to look for wind damage. Or perhaps you’ve noticed shingles lying in your yard. Loose shingles that are lifting during wind events would be another sign that the integrity of your roof system is indeed compromised.

After significant storms, look for the presence of watermarks and roof leaks. And don’t forget to look inside closets and other areas not frequently used.

If you notice stains on your ceilings or walls, then it’s truly time to take action before the problems intensify. These stains are caused by water intrusion usually from a damaged or poorly installed roof.

However, windows, siding and flashing defects are often overlooked, and be the cause of interior leakage. Also consider an inspection after every significant storm event. Often times not all of the roof slopes are visible from the ground. As well, there are many instances wherein there is water intrusion that occurs within a wall. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing vent flashings that have failed, or have been damaged by squirrels. These venting systems are concealed within the interior walls of a structure. In this instance it can take some time for the leakage to be noticed on an interior wall or ceiling.

Age is a key factor with regards to roof replacement considerations. All roof systems have a limited useful service life. Three tab shingles will usually last for about 20 years, and architectural shingles may still be functional after 30 years or more.

An asphalt shingle roof replacement is usually more cost friendly compared to metal or tile systems. But what is not usually discussed by most sales representatives is the life cycle costs involved.

As an example, metal roofing if properly installed would be expected to significantly outlast shingle products. Another factor rarely brought up is maintenance and repair costs that can vary greatly with each roof system type. And what about the inflation cost factor?

Your return on investment (ROI) is an extremely important calculation if the plan is never to move again. Has the decision has been made that it’s time for a new roof? The next step is to get several estimates from the top roofing contractors in your area.

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Once you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to either repair or replace your roof, it’s then essential to find a reputable roof replacement company. Finding three roofing contractors, and then going with the cheapest bid, usually is a poor investment choice.

If you are not going to utilize the assistance of a dedicated professional roof consultant, do your own research on each prospective contractor. Call us today and we will show you how.

The top rated roofing companies in Chesterfield and St. Louis County, have a list of attributes that are important to recognize.

Click here, for additional information on how to choose the best roofers in Chesterfield, MO and St. Charles County.

Relying solely on posted reviews from an advertising company that sells roofing leads may not be the best option. Wouldn’t it be best to work with a team that has your best interest in mind.

When it comes to roofing questions, you want to work with an expert that is honest about what needs or doesn’t need to be done.

If your aged roof really needs to be replaced, then expensive repairs represents a poor investment.

You deserve an expert analysis along with effective roof asset management. Our team does not have sales quotas to meet, and your true roofing needs are of the utmost priority for us.

Call Integrity Roofing Services today and you will discover like so many others, what truly set us apart.

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An unbiased roof inspection is an important step to take before any roof replacement expenditure is even considered. With the right information, it is easy to determine the best course of action to take.

With a roof inspection report, along with a professional consultation, the decision on whether to repair or replace will be very obvious. With a photo-documented report you will see what we observe without ever having to climb onto your roof.

Estimated costs for repairs or an asphalt shingle roof replacement will be provided as required. We also work with our clients to design the best roofing system for their particular needs. The final step is choosing a roofing services contractor to get the job done on time, and on budget.

Integrity Roofing Services is setting the standard for roofing services, and we source the best of the best when it comes to roofing service professionals.

Call us today and experience what a commitment to complete satisfaction is all about.

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