Construction Litigation Services for Residential Projects

Construction litigation services are required quite often during and after the construction process. Sometimes it is also necessary to retain legal counsel before a building project even commences. Integrity Roofing Services is here to help when our clients require an attorney that provides straightforward representation.

Construction Litigation Starts with Gathering Evidence

Construction litigation starts with gathering the necessary evidence in order to validate a potential claim. In the event you or a loved one has fallen victim to a deceptive contractor help may be only a phone call away. You may require litigation services for a project that has been completed. Integrity Roofing Services will start by gathering the necessary real-time data that is photo-documented. This will confirm the actual condition of your roofing system and any workmanship or material defects. Oftentimes a project has not yet commenced but assistance in assessing the validity of a contract is required. If you suspect contract fraud and are unsure of your legal rights you probably need legal advice.

A Construction Litigation Attorney might be a Wise Investment

Oftentimes our clients require assistance with breach of contract claims or cases involving the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. If you have signed a contract with a predatory contractor you need effective construction litigation services that will get you back on track quickly. Call Integrity Roofing Services today and get the results you deserve.

Construction Litigation