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Hail Damage Inspection in
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A wind and hail damage inspection should be performed after every significant storm event. When a storm hits, hail damage to your roof system can be significant. Associated wind damage to roofing components is also a major concern, and the evidence of both wind and hail is not always easily visible.

For many homeowners, the process of dealing with an insurance claim due to wind and or hail damage can be very stressful, especially when the damage is readily visible. That is why you need an experienced roofing inspector that will help you navigate through the sometimes confusing insurance restoration process.

If you need a trusted hail damage inspection expert, call Integrity today. We remove the guesswork by providing you with the facts.

It is important to perform an accurate real-time damage roof inspection report that is photo-documented. By doing this, we remove the guesswork and correctly establish the extent of your wind and hail damage. When our clients sustain wind or hail damage to their properties, they place their trust in us and our recommended contractors. You may require roofing repairs or a full roof replacement, but either way, we’ve got you covered.

Wind and Hail Damage Insurance Claims

An Integrity Roof Inspector will provide you with an accurate wind and hail damage inspection report. This helps our Client’s in deciding whether or not to file a claim. If there are only minor damages the amount of the insurance payout may not adequately exceed your deductible. For example, your house may have sustained $2,000 worth of damages and your out of pocket payment is $1,500. In this case, it might not make sense to file a claim.

Call Integrity Roofing Services and you will be hiring a wind and hail damage inspection expert. We will always protect your interests and help you navigate through the insurance process.



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Call Integrity Roofing Services for a Storm Damage Inspection

When a storm hits St. Charles or St. Louis County, you need a reliable roofing consultant that will work for you.

Many homeowners are tempted to go with the services of the first storm chaser that knocks on their door.

And quite often the situation then goes from bad to worse.

Each year thousands of distraught and trusting homeowners fall victim to the deceptive tactics of shady storm chasers posing as legitimate contractors.

Be wary of storm chasers that could care less about doing the right thing. The majority of them will say that you have storm damage even if there is not enough damage for a valid claim.

Hail damage inspection of roofing system required after a storm



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