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Choosing the best O’Fallon roofing contractor for roof repairs or a new roof can be challenging.

This is especially true when the roofing options presented are quite different regarding a suggested scope of work. Perhaps one roofer is recommending repairs, while another claims that you need a new roof.

There is no shortage of roofing companies that provide roof replacement and repair services in St. Charles and O’Fallon MO.

Deciding on the right company that will present you with the correct course of action – that can be the tricky part.

Does it make any financial sense to invest in full roof replacement just because you’ve experienced a few roof leaks?

If your three-tab asphalt roof shingles are 25 years old, is it wise to spend a thousand dollars on repairs?

There are a lot of choices available. But you want a trusted professional for your roofing service requirements.

When the proper research is done, finding the best contractor for the job is much easier.

Integrity Roofing Services does provide construction litigation services. Our goal however, is to educate consumers so that the job they pay for is done right the first time.

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Shingle Roof Replacement O’Fallon MO | Roofing & Repairs

Many home and business owners like to do their own research on roofing products, and the roofing companies that install them.

But sometimes this just isn’t possible when emergency roof repairs are needed. Obviously a fully functioning roof system is a crucial barrier to protect against the elements. Postponing roof repairs can result in unnecessary damages inside the home due to water infiltration.

You want the best roof services available, but do you have the time to properly qualify potential roofing companies? Usually when an active leak occurs, the answer is no. The same can be said when a major hail or wind storm hits, and it’s important to get back to normal as soon as possible.

When there is just not enough time to properly interview prospective roofing contractors, we can help.

Most O’Fallon roofing contractors have sales quotas that must be met to stay in business. And that is completely understandable.

At Integrity Roofing Services, that’s not the case. We work for you and that is what sets us apart. We are customer service specialists that provide expert roof evaluations and client consultations. The building owners we consult with count on us for the necessary information required to make informed decisions. As well, our clients have access to a professional roofing contractor network.

We’ve set the standard when it comes to sourcing trusted roofing contractors. From O’Fallon, to St. Louis County, the roofing companies we recommend have a vested interest in the communities that they service.

The customers who have contacted us for roofing consultation services are now loyal clients. We’ve enabled them to save a lot of money and time.

In the remaining portion of this article we will provide our short list of attributes that the best roofing contractors in O’Fallon, or St. Louis, Mo must posses. Compare our list with that of your own. Then determine whether or not your preset criteria will allow for an effective contractor choice.

To thoroughly research any prospective contractor, one must invest a lot of thought, and an equal amount of time.

The end result of a good contractor choice can be very rewarding, but the wrong one can easily turn into a disaster.

How to Choose the Best O’Fallon MO Roofing Company

  • Finding a few roofing companies, and then going with the cheapest bid, usually turns out to be a bad investment choice.

The contractors that we source and you approve, are local established roofing companies. They have a set price structure that is conducive to remaining in business for years to come.

  • Some contractors will exaggerate the results of those so-called free roof inspections.

We will provide documentary evidence to validate any roof replacement or repair recommendations.

Many consumer review sites are simply lead generating services. Also, falsifying customer reviews is widespread these days.

  • What is the real reputation of the roofing company you are considering?

Have you or will you review all of the social media sites to get an accurate and balanced viewpoint? Have you checked with the BBB?

  • Is the contractor your talking with recommending roofing practices that are not in your best interest?

O’Fallon MO Metal Roof Replacement Prices vs Shingles

Perhaps your looking at a metal roof replacement project. What is your response to a sales rep that wants to install a new metal roof system over your existing shingles? Quick answer – find a reputable roofing company.

The expansion and contraction of metal roofing installed over asphalt roofing will cause the shingles to act like a belt sander.
This will slowly wear away the protective coating on the underside of the metal panels. When this occurs corrosion will minimize the useful service life of a new metal roof.

  • Did your sales-rep talk to you about the life cycle costs for your new roof?
  • Are you aware of the long term costs of an asphalt shingle roof replacement, compared to a metal roofing alternative?

There are many types of metal roof systems available, and the costs can range between $250.00 and $1,400.00 per square.

A three-tab asphalt shingle roof – average cost $250.00 per square. A cost estimate for a designer laminate impact resistant roof system is $ 400.00 to $480.00 per square.

Without an understanding of the long term expenditures associated with any roofing system, how can an informed decision be made?

  • How long has the company that your considering for your roofing services been in business?

Have you considered a business search through the Mo. Secretary of State to find out?

  • What kind of warranty are you going to receive? Can the company that your considering offer a manufacturers labor warranty?

Most consumers are unaware, that nationwide failure rates for roofing contractors is over 50%. What does a fifteen year labor warranty mean to you, if the company you choose is out of business in a year or two?

  •  Is your potential contractor properly insured? Can they produce both liability, and worker’s compensation policies?

Did you consider asking for proof that they are insured according to roofing industry standards? A  general construction policy will not protect you from a lawsuit, if a worker is injured replacing your roof.

  • You may consider this to be a lengthy list, but making it onto the short list (the best of the best) should involve more than a bunch of nice sounding nice reviews from people you don’t know!

This list of contractor attributes we’ve presented here is actually only the short version. How does your list compare?

Have you come to the conclusion that you could use a little help with choosing the best contractors for your O’Fallon roofing project?

Contact Integrity Roofing Services today. Click here to send us a message, or give us a call at 636 542 0857

We’ll quickly put you and your roof in very capable hands.



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