Roof Design Specifications

Roof design specifications will actually occur after a detailed roof system analysis is performed. Afterwards, a consultation will uncover the true needs or expectations of the building owner. When the actual roof life cycle costs are revealed the true costs of a roof system can be established. Most roofing contractors that simply want to sell a new roof don’t want their customers to see the bigger picture.

The total cost of a roof system represents the initial replacement price along with roof repairs, roof maintenance, warranties, life expectancy and inflation.

Poor Roof Design Specifications may result in roof system failure

One of the leading causes of roof system failure is improper roofing installation techniques, otherwise known as poor workmanship. Another cause is incorrect roof design specifications. Roof system lifetime expenditures are the sum of the immediate and future costs. Likewise, a proper roof design incorporates all of the correct roofing components that are required. A professional roof consultant will understand the entire design to build process. Roof construction industry knowledge is just not a skill set that many salesmen possess.

Proper Roof Design Specifications will save you money

The proper information is the key to determining what type of roofing system should be installed. For example, a roof condition report will determine the functionality or lifespan of the current system. Perhaps you have a three-tab shingle roof that failed after 18 years. Is that all you are expecting in a new roof, or would that be a poor investment? Price alone should never be the deciding factor when choosing a roof system. Also, the recommendation from a roofer with the lowest bid usually does not represent your best interests.

Integrity Roofing Services excels in providing the correct roof design specifications for each project. A properly designed roof system that is installed correctly will cost you less in the long run. Let us assist you in designing a durable roof system that will protect you and your investment for years to come.

Roof Design Specifications