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A Roof Inspector that works for you, that is what sets Integrity Roofing Services apart.

When our clients have questions about the actual roofing services that are required, they count on us for those answers.

Roof inspections along with proper maintenance will minimize losses due to leak infiltration that can cause significant property damage. These proactive steps are necessary in order to avoid premature roof system failure and expensive emergency repairs. A thorough Roof System Analysis will also allow for effective roof asset management.

The decision on whether to commit to a full roof replacement or a repair is an important one. So the question remains, who do you turn to for a correct roof analysis?

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Hiring a Roof Inspector can save you money

The goal for most contractors is simply to sell you a new roof or a costly repair. However, a roof inspector has a duty to protect your best interests. Roof asset management starts with an accurate assessment of your roof system.

Allocating funds towards prolonging the service life of a roof may be a wise investment. On the other hand, investing in costly roof repairs that will only buy a little time does not.

Some contractors will try and convince you to replace your roof even if repairs are the best option. Others will focus on expensive repairs just to make a quick buck. Why not just hire a roof inspector that is committed to providing you with roofing services that are comprehensive and effective.

We only recommend roof replacements if repairs are not a cost-effective option. Once the useful service life of a roof system is determined, decisions on whether to maintain, repair or replace can be easily made. Quite often a maintenance program can minimize unnecessary roof-related expenditures.

A proper roof assessment requires a detailed roof inspection report. This is what an Integrity roof inspector does best. We can eliminate a lot of unnecessary frustration and reduce your expenses. And this is accomplished by removing the guesswork.

Is a free roof inspection from a contractor that installs roofs really going to be impartial?

Residential And Commercial Roof Inspections

When it comes to contractors nothing is free, and this holds true for those who offer a free roof inspection. Think of it this way, would a heating and cooling technician inspect your furnace without charging for a service call?

You do get what you pay for, and the costs involved in hiring a roofing inspector is money well spent. A roofing consultant will be able to determine what roofing services should be performed for each roofing system, and at what intervals.

Our Integrity Roof System Analysis includes the following as required:

    • The condition of each roof system will be clearly documented
    • Useful service life is determined
    • Scope of work with cost estimates for repairs or maintenance are provided
    • A detailed roof report
    • Multi point inspection to determine installation errors
    • Leak Tracing
    • Roof Replacement estimates and consulting
    • Contractor Sourcing if required

At Integrity Roofing Services we also offer professional contractor sourcing. Since 1997 we have worked with some of the best roofing contractors in the industry.

Call us today for a consult with a trusted St. Charles roof inspector.



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