Hiring a St Charles Roofing Company

When choosing a St Charles Roofing Company, complete customer satisfaction is the desired outcome of that decision. But with so many companies competing for your business, making the right choice can be a daunting task.

Clients do choose Integrity Roofing Services as their St Charles Roofing Company of choice, after a bad experience with an unscrupulous con artist. The reason for this? Well, consumers are offered little protection these days when it comes to roofing and other home services. And, although there are construction litigation services available, these and other expenses required to get back on track can be overwhelming.

So the question remains. Without a roofing consultant to manage the construction process, what are the best guidelines towards hiring the best of the best.

Here are a few helpful tips with regards to roofing contracts, warranties and hassle free services:

Thoroughly investigate the company you are considering. Click here to find out when the business was established .

Ensure that Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance are current, and for the roofing trade.

Make sure that your company of choice is a Certified Installer with CertainTeed, Owens Corning or GAF.

Get local referrals from real customers whose projects were successfully completed.

Avoid hiring a company just because they have multiple signs littered throughout your neighbourhood.

Have a firm understanding of what you expect to see in a roof replacement or repair contract.

Become knowledgeable in the different manufacturers warranties, as well as  labor guarantees.

Avoid storm chasers and door knockers, it’s that simple.

  • Ask yourself; in your line of business, would you feel comfortable if your primary job was to be apart of a swarm of uninvited door-to-door solicitors?

Never feel pressured to sign a contract on the spot. Quality roofing contractors will present you with good information and wait on your decision.

  • Why not just avoid taking chances at all? The assistance that a professional Roof Consultant will provide can be Invaluable.

At Integrity, we ensure that our clients have all the facts that are required in order to make an informed & correct buying decision.

St. Charles Roofing Company

St. Charles Roofing Reviews

When looking for top rated roofing companies many will simply click on a lead generating operation such as Angie’s List.

In performing a Google search for a St Charles Roofing Company, you may see a list of the top ten best contractors.

In our opinion, it is quite impossible for any online lead generation business to give accurate or trustworthy ratings regarding their paying clients that offer roofing services. So do your own research, and look for a super high customer service rating that is constant across a variety of internet sites.

Companies like Angie’s List say they’re consumer-driven, but is this an accurate statement? And just as important is the fact that a St Charles Roofing Company that spends more than a competitor can pay to appear higher up in the search results. Does this not compromise the validity of the whole process. It all comes down to dollars spent, and who pays the most to advertise their services.

Forbes has an interesting article on the inner workings of Agie’s List that is very enlightening. A Consumer Reports study on various consumer review sites, including Angie’s List, claims they are not all are as trustworthy as they claim to be.

If utilizing on-line reviews as part of your decision making process, consider multiple sources.

Here is an example of a roofing company that has an five star rating with the BBB and a two star rating with Yelp.

We like to see consistently good ratings across the board.

This company has a five star rating with the BBB and a four star rating with Yelp.

A Roofing Company That Works For You

At Integrity, we work for you and that is what sets us apart. Our residential and commercial clientele take comfort in knowing that we recommend only the best of the best. Our contractor referral network removes the guesswork when it comes to sourcing true professionals that deliver exceptional services. Our approach towards roofing services is unique in that the focus is not on selling new roofs or expensive repairs. We just provide cost-effective roofing solution options that make good sense. With the correct information, it is easy to make an informed decision as to what services are actually required.

Integrity Roofing services clients take comfort in knowing that they are never given biased information regarding their actual roofing requirements.

For over twenty years we’ve had the opportunity to develop relationships with some of the best contractors in the business. If you want to work with a St Charles Roofing Company that you can truly depend on, call Integrity Roofing Services today. Services in St. Louis and the surrounding areas are also available.