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A Trusted Roofing Company in St. Charles MO

Choosing the best St Charles roofing company can be a very challenging and expensive task if not done correctly.

At Integrity Roofing Services we are here to assist you with this process so that you will get a good return on your investment. We’re setting the standard when it comes to five star roofing services.

A lead generating firm, or consumer review site, such as Angie’s List might claim to have the “Top 10 Best St. Charles MO Roofing Contractors.”

Is this list based on the amount of advertising dollars that certain roofing companies invest with Angie’s List? And if so can this so-called “Top Ten” list be validated? Trusting consumers need to understand how the lead generating marketplaces truly operate. Click HERE for an informative article regarding online roofing company reviews.

Whether it’s a small roof repair, or a complete roof replacement, finding qualified St Charles roofing contractors can be very frustrating. This is especially true after a damaging wind or hailstorm has occurred and the need to get back to normal quickly is a top priority.

Far too many trusting homeowners hire the first contractor who comes knocking on their door, without having any idea who they are dealing with.

A trusted roofing company in St. Charles MO will stand out from the competition. The right choice will become obvious when your needs are the top priority. That is why Wind and Hail Damage Inspection services are best handled by an experienced Pro.

For those homeowners who have unfortunately chosen to do business with an unreliable roofing company, we now offer construction litigation services.

With the right information homeowners can make educated choices. Once the life cycle costs of a roof system are determined, the total long-term expenditures can be calculated. Most roofing contractors just submit an estimate without discussing these important details.

The actual lifetime costs of a roof system include extended warranties, repairs and maintenance, as well as inflation.

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Choosing a St Charles MO Roofing Company 

It can take a lot of time to source the best St Charles roofing company for your repair or replacement requirements. There are a few essential guidelines, that when implemented, can help separate the pros from the amateurs.

When it comes to quality St Charles, and St Louis roofing services, pricing is important. However, expert workmanship combined with exceptional warranties are equally important.

It is never a good idea to choose a roofing contractor solely on who has the cheapest price. Low price estimates actually hurt the roofing industry. The best roofing contractors are in it for the long haul and their pricing structure is based upon staying in business.

A fly by night roofer might give a low price, but it usually comes with a tail-light guarantee. That means once you have paid them for services rendered, that may be the last you will ever hear from them. This is especially true for storm chasers that are here today to “work a storm” and gone soon thereafter.

All too often, customers that were sold on what they thought was the best price contact us afterwards. The workmanship issues we uncover never ceases to amaze us. There are no built-in safeguards in the roofing industry to protect consumers from the unscrupulous con artists that give honest roofing contractors a bad name.

Roof warranties are an especially important factor in any decision you make. There are actually two types of roofing warranties available, but most consumers are only aware of one of them. Contact your Integrity roof consultant today to find out more regarding the other warranty that is often overlooked.

Top Three Questions – St. Charles MO Roofing Contractor

  • How long has your roofing company been in business?

When interviewing potential St. Charles roofing contractors, this is a crucial question to ask. What good is a 20-year workmanship guarantee if the company you choose to work with closes up shop and moves on several months after installing your roof?

Nationwide the failure rate for roofing contractors exceeds 50%. Start up roofing companies in St. Charles and St. Louis County fail for a lot of reasons. Mismanagement, insufficient startup capital, and the lack of an effective CRM program top the list.

Hiring the wrong people, as well as improper training for new hires, can also lead to disasters.

  • Is your roofing company local, and do you have an office that I can visit?

Ultimately the contractor you pick needs to be a well recognized local company with a great reputation. When it comes to determining the trustworthiness of any roofing contractor, be cautious. St. Charles Roofing reviews can be very helpful if they are legitimate.

A contractor that has an established business that is at least ten years old is what we look for. A St Charles roofing company that sets up shop after a significant storm event is not a local roofing contractor.

There is an easy way to actually determine how long a company has been doing business in Missouri.

Simply go to the Missouri Secretary of State website, and check out the online business filing. Click HERE for that link.

Always avoid storm chasers, it’s that simple. You live and work in your community – the roofing contractor you choose to do business with should be an established resident as well.

Don’t take chances with the so-called roofing experts that utilize those annoying door to door canvassing techniques.

Simply put, the top St. Charles roofing contractors, will not depend on a door to door sales campaign as a primary source of attracting new customers.

  • Does your roofing company carry adequate liability and workers compensation insurance?

Next on your list is to make sure you are dealing with a contractor that is properly insured. They must have both liability insurance, and the correct worker’s compensation policy for the roofing industry.

One of the scams utilized to undercut the competition is not carrying the proper insurance that is required for your roofing services. If a worker who gets injured on your premises is employed by a company without adequate insurance it could result in an unnecessary lawsuit.

So always insist on receiving the certificates of insurance at a minimum. And it is best to confirm that the contractor’s policy is appropriate and current by calling the insurance carrier directly.

The majority of contractors who do not carry adequate general public liability insurance, also do not have the financial means to cover losses if they cause major damages to your home.

In St. Charles MO Roofers Can Not Pay Your Deductible

An honest St. Charles roofing company will never offer to pay any portion of a customers deductible. Storm chasers entice their customers to sign with them with a deceitful offer for a free roof.

The homeowner must always pay the deductible portion of any insurance claim. It’s the law, and any contractor who claims otherwise may be committing insurance fraud, and inviting you into participating in this scam.

Missouri Senate Bill 101 bars contractors who replace roofs or do other repairs, from offering to pay any portion of a homeowner’s insurance deductible as an incentive to be hired. Also, contractors are not legally able to represent or negotiate on a homeowner’s behalf for any insurance claim in Missouri.

Many storm chasers will come into areas that have been hard hit by wind and hail storms, victimize trusting homeowners and then leave, never to be heard from again.

The homeowners that fall victim to these fast-talking salesmen are oftentimes left with a substandard roof installation. Also, many times the damages left behind are substantial and the fraudulent company that was so eager to help has simply moved on to the next storm location.

St. Charles MO Roofing Services | Contract Details Matter 

The best roofing company for you will provide detailed design specifications regarding the roof system that is to be installed. This starts with a comprehensive roof system analysis along with an understanding of the individual client’s true needs or expectations of that roofing system.

When the correct information is provided a homeowner can then make an informed decision.

Once the actual roof life cycle costs are revealed the true costs of a roof system can then be established.

Far too many roofing companies simply want to give a price for a new roof without explaining the total long-term expenditures involved.

The real costs of any roof system are not revealed in the initial replacement price alone. Warranties, roof repair costs, maintenance, life expectancy, and inflation must be included.


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 Best St. Charles, Mo Roof Installation Pros

Finding new roof installation professionals that operate with integrity is difficult these days but there are trustworthy companies that take pride in their work. The key is how to distinguish between a great roofing company, and a con artist?

There are several choices available to consumers who are looking for quality roofing services in St. Charles, Missouri. However, like most politicians, many polished salesmen have little to no concern for doing the right thing; they simply over promise and fail to deliver.

As we see it, there are really only three options available when it comes to choosing the best of the best.

The first option is employed by most people who are basically trusting by nature. They will pick a few contractors, and then choose the one with the best sales pitch, or perhaps the lowest price. More often than not these individuals will end up regretting their impulsive decision that will inevitably turn out to be a bad investment.

The second option is utilized by informed individuals who have both the time and ability to properly scrutinize roofing contractors. They usually have some sort of list of required attributes that their contractor must possess.

The third option is to let an expert that works for you, assist in this endeavour. That is where we come in. Integrity Roofing Services specializes in professional contractor sourcing.

St. Charles Roof Consultants | We Work For You

The guidelines listed above represent a good starting point with regards to the criteria needed to source the best of the best.

You want a quality roof system that will last for many years, so don’t take chances with just any roofer.

And if you don’t have the time to properly qualify the right contractor help is only a phone call away.

Integrity Roofing Services specializes in providing our client’s with qualified and dependable roofing companies that have a vested interest in the communities that they serve.

When it comes to professional contractor sourcing we’ve got you covered. For all of your St Charles roofing needs call us today. Services are all available to home and business owners in St. Louis County.

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