Storm Damage Consultant Services | Should I File an Insurance Claim

Call a storm damage consultant today that will work for you. So a storm has damaged your home’s roof and now, you are wondering whether you should file a claim with your insurance company or not. Coming to a decision on your own may be a risk. The repair costs could turn out to be minor and you may have a high deductible. In this case, filing a claim from a financial perspective is not worth it. This is where Integrity Roofing Services comes in to play.

You will be dealing with a trained roof inspector that will perform a real-time storm damage inspection, documenting it with pictures. Once your roof inspector has completed the inspection, they will provide you with photo documentation along with an accurate storm damage analysis report.

You require an Accurate Roof Analysis Report before Filing an Insurance Claim

We put our customers first. Their concerns become our concerns, and we will never provide them with a biased opinion of damages or steer them in the wrong direction. Call Integrity Roofing Services to speak with a roof inspector that is well versed in the insurance claims process. We will always work towards helping you make the correct financial decisions.

A decision that saves you money and helps you decide if filing a claim with your insurance company is the right decision or not. We advise against making an insurance claim if the damages are minor and help you gather the evidence to show the insurance company if the damages are major.

As an experienced storm damage consultant, we work in unison with homeowners to quickly and accurately ascertain real roof damages. With integrity, we will also offer an expertly prepared and objective report of repair and replacement costs.

You Do Not Need to Look Elsewhere for Roof Repairs and Replacement

Once you have filed a claim with your insurance company to compensate you for the damages, you will require an experienced and qualified contractor to assist you. Instead of looking elsewhere, we can connect you with professional contractors who will complete the job right the first time. Integrity Roofing Services provides clients with professional contractor sourcing.

Storm Damage Consultant St. Charles MO

You can contact us for our storm damage consultant services if your area experiences heavy wind events or hail storms. The damage to your roof is not always immediately visible after a storm, but you can still perform a quick check by looking at the interior and exterior of your home.

From within some indications of roof damage include dark spots or streaks on your ceilings or walls. Also look at the exterior for damages to siding, gutters, fascia, and soffits.

You Need a Storm Damage Inspection Expert Not a Shady Storm Chaser

You should file a claim with your insurance company if you suspect that the damage to your roof is severe, but if you are unsure about the severity of the damage, call in the experts! Don’t take chances with a so-called roofing expert that has very little credibility.

We can help those who have fallen victim to the tactics of those shady storm chasers with our construction litigation services. But, ultimately our goal is to provide the necessary resources and education to prevent this fraud from happening in the first place. We care for the members of our community and are deeply committed to protecting the elderly.

Call Integrity Roofing Services and you will be hiring a storm damage inspection professional. We will always protect your interests and help you navigate through the sometimes complicated insurance process.

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