Why hire a Roofing Consultant

A roofing consultant is committed to providing their client’s with effective Roof Asset Management protection. Very few contractors today explain the actual total cost of a new roof system and focus solely on the replacement price. However, a dedicated roof inspector will consider the initial replacement price along with roof repairs, roof maintenance, warranties, life expectancy and inflation. Quite often after consulting with us chasing the lowest price is no longer a primary concern. In the roofing services business, you truly do get what you pay for. When our clients understand the bigger picture they are willing to pay a little more upfront to avoid paying a lot more later on.

The difference between Contractors and a Roofing Consultant

There are quality roofing companies available that are trustworthy. However, many contractors provide their customers with biased or misleading information regarding their true roofing requirements. At Integrity Roofing Services we will always provide a clear picture of what services are actually required. Our goal is not to convince you to replace your roof if repairs or maintenance are all that is required.

Our roof consultant services provide you with real-time data that is photo-documented, confirming the actual condition of your entire roofing system. A detailed roof analysis report will enable you to put into action solution options that are transparent comprehensive and cost-effective.

Integrity Roofing Services your Roof Consultant Professional

When building owners understand the estimated useful service life of a roof system, replacement budgets can be established and planned for. Integrity Roofing Services will determine appropriate maintenance and or roof repair programs that are necessary to prolong the life of each roof. If a new roof is required, it makes sense to work with a roofing professional that will design detailed roofing replacement specifications.

It is all in the details and the residential Integrity Roof Analysis includes much more than a simple 20 point inspection. We include a 15 point inspection just on the condition of the asphalt shingles. Next, we provide a 21 point roof inspection focusing on roof installation errors. And lastly, your detailed report will also cover system components and a 15 point attic inspection.

A Roof Consultant that works for you

Along with roofing design, we also understand the proper installation procedures for all of the roofing components that are required. Often times a Client will require on-site inspection services during the construction process. We have the experience needed to monitor each roof replacement project ensuring that the specified materials are installed correctly. Final inspections with punch lists are also available as required. Integrity Roofing Services can also assist you with quality contractor sourcing. And once the appropriate contractors are chosen, they all will be bidding based on preset design specifications.

An Integrity Roofing Consultation is a wise investment

If you have signed a contract with a predatory contractor and are unsure of your legal rights you need to contact Integrity Roofing Services as soon as possible. We can provide you with cost-effective construction litigation services that will get you back on track quickly.

If the qualities mentioned above are what you are looking for in a Roofing Consultant then call Integrity Roofing Services today.

Our Integrity is what sets us apart. We work for you, and your best interests are of the utmost importance to us.

Roofing Consultant